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Agni Cluster OS is a UNISTACK software platform for custom business, SaaS, and PaaS solutions.
We are the first and the only full featured business operating system - a technology foundation where all system aspects are integrated and implemented in a uniform way; capitalizing on battle-tested, ubiquitous, easy to understand managed .NET code.


Hierarchical structure of regions, data centers, zones, and hosts promotes uniform organization and balancing.


Go beyond the limitations of physical servers. Interoperate distributed business objects as if in a local app.


Unify all app types: console, web, service. Deploy, run, and manage.


Solve business problems with cloud elasticity. Run super tasks like local.


Topology, platforms, packages, app roles, configs, networks and routes - all version controlled.


Apply serverless modeling to your business functionality.


Unleash the power of your RAM! Keep GC swift with hundreds of millions of business objects.


Global geo-balanced, fault-tolerant, unlimited capacity file system


Hierarchical distributed configuration designed to scale on millions of nodes.


House your data in a range partioned multi-bank sharding router.


Fast lookups with key-value database. Automatic node rebalancing.

Parcel DB

Global geo-aware datastore with multi-master replication, self healing, and auto failover.


At Agnicore we strongly believe that the technology should serve the business, not vice-versa!


Agni Cluster OS is a full technology stack for building business-oriented applications. It was born out of years of experience solving real-world challenging problems in the following industries:
  • High Frequency Trading - handling real-time large streams of market data, execution of trading strategies and complex trade station visualizations
  • Investment Portfolio Management - cash flow, IRR/NPV, what-if scenarios
  • Credit card charge processing, fraud prevention
  • Custom accounts receivable and payable modules
  • Patient bedside data acquisition (e.g. MDS) on tablet computers, data sync
  • Billing: MCR/MCD 837/835 claim processing, HL7
  • Accounting: census charges, coverage prorations, tertiary payers, patient/guarantor statements, retroactive per diem adjustments
  • CRM: LTC admissions/discharges/transfers, marketing
  • Data Intelligence: LTC Facility Quality Indicators based on MDS patient data regression, Case Mix Index/RUG prediction, Clinical outcome modeling based on Deep ML

Rate revisions, risk analysis, customer document management

Distributed fulfillment optimization, inventory management, engaging customer UX, social commerce a.k.a. “buy button”, mobile commerce

Multi-million user directories, messaging, follows, likes, ratings

  • GIS - real time vehicle tracking and driver messaging platform, geofence alerting, traffic pattern optimization, predictive analytics
  • RFID - cargo/asset tracking, hazardous cargo transportation system

Business Benefits

We are committed to our pledge of quality and usefulness to real-world businesses. Unlike many tech players in the market, all of the Agni components are architected and test-benchmarked using real business data models.
  • Ever thought of going into SaaS or PaaS business? - Agni Cluster OS is built for providing your complex business processes as services via the Internet to your customers
  • Get business problems solved faster
  • Cut the development and maintenance costs
  • Use your existing developers
  • C# is one the most actively developed languages around having an abundant engineer base


The concept of UNISTACK is to cut out all of the extra costs without sacrificing features. This is achieved by decreasing the number of standards that the systems is internally built with.

Developer Benefits

  • Agni Cluster OS Foundation - open source project with flexible Apache license
  • Agni Cluster OS - professional support, consulting and priority bug fixes
  • Vibrant .NET Community
  • Stellar performance
  • .NET is the best fit for high-performance scalable designs
  • Utilize your RAM to the fullest with Big Memory Pile
  • Use uniform simple way of doing things: from configuration to REST APIs.
  • Flexibility of Hosting - use Amazon, Azure IaaS, PaaS, or any other combination. Spawn dynamic hosts only when needed - without IaaS lock-in
  • you get services provided by systems like: Kafka, Akka, Spark, HDFS, Spanner, Chubby and many others in a single fully integrated solution